Situational awareness and incident analysis for highly trafficked areas



Security in vital operational areas


Runways & Taxiways

Footprint's capabilities can work for you across the entire facility


Total Airport Security 

Footprint is fully capable of aggregating, analyzing, and monitoring facility incident-related data. If you have a sensor, we can seamlessly integrate it due to Footprint's plug-and-play architecture. By uniting your unique data formats, video monitoring systems, and any other sensor data sets (FR, LPR, CAD, RMS, chemical, biological, radiological, explosive, motion, light, etc.) into a single operating picture, Footprint acts as the command and control system, thus decreasing response times and providing total system awareness.

In addition, Footprint helps you visualize your information and track trends faster using maps. Incident data, video surveillance, social media feeds, FR/LPR imagery, and more—you can incorporate it all into Footprint’s mapping tools. We help you organize and correlate your data in ways that make sense for your organization—and that provide the most insight.

Using Footprint’s video toolset, we link your camera locations and video streams directly to your common map. By placing your camera’s "footprint" on the map in real time, we give you spatial context for all of your video feeds. Our experienced developers will help you identify and prioritize your existing assets— and put them to work for you.

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